Our Bigs and Littles

Check out some success stories

Sue and Gwyn

Gwyneth was matched with her Big Sister, Sue, in November 2007 when Gwyneth was 7 years old. Gwyneth's mom wanted her to have a positive female role model. Sue was interested in the program because she was raised as an only child and had always wanted a little sister. She had also raised two boys that were grown and found herself with some extra time on her hands. When Sue and Gwyneth met for the first time they were both very excited and hit it off from the start.

​During the first year of their match, Sue and Gwyneth enjoyed playing, cooking and baking, watching movies, and shopping. As the relationship started to strengthen Gwyneth, who is shy, started to open up more and considers Sue a friend. In 2009, Sue was recognized as Big Sister of the Year. 

​Now that Gwyneth is getting a little older the activities they do have changed a little, but their relationship remains strong. Yvette has noticed that Gwyneth has become more social and has better self-esteem over the years. Gwyneth is now 15 years old and enjoys a variety of activities including volleyball, speak, debate, business club and tennis. Sue and Gwyneth still meet once or twice a week and do a wide variety of activities. Gwyneth helps Sue in her bridal shop and was in one of the commercials. Sue has played a major role as Gwyn has grown and matured. They have become friends for life. ​

Jen, Josh, and Jaxson

Jen, Josh and Jaxson have been matched for 5 years. Jaxson, 11 years old, comes from a family of a single mom and two older brothers. Both his Bigs, Jen and Josh, are in the US Guard and have portrayed a positive image for Jaxson. Jaxson enjoys going to their work and seeing all the various planes and even goes there now and people know him by name.  Jaxson cuts his hair just like Josh’s, military clean cut. He even enjoyed learning how to shine his shoes. Jaxson’s mom works two jobs and doesn’t have the opportunity to get to take Jaxson out much and do activities together. Jen and Josh have rubbed off their love for the outdoors on Jaxson and they have enjoyed camping together, going for hikes, and taking their dogs out to play. Not only do they enjoy getting out and exploring together, but they have been teaching him how to cook, teaching him manners, as well as helping him with his reading. Josh and Jaxson share their jokester side and are always so whitty. One of our favorite stories of theirs is when they were at Subway and the worker referred to Jaxson as Josh’s son. Josh corrected the guy and said, “Oh no, he isn’t my son.” Jaxson quickly chimed in and said, “But dad, why would you say that!” Over the course of the years, they have become very close with each other. Jen and Josh don’t have kids of their own, but are proud to be Jaxson’s Bigs and have pictures of them all on their refrigerator. Jen and Josh’s parents also refer to themselves as Big grandparents to Jaxson. They have given Jaxson so much love and support and it is safe to say it is a match that will last a lifetime.

Jessica and Tina

Jessica and Tina have been matched since November 8, 2013. They enjoy building their relationship through different activities they share together. They have enjoyed watching movies, going to eat, and attending our monthly group outings. Tina even helped Jessica work at her firework stand around the 4th of July. Jessica also has asked Tina to be her flower girl in her wedding which Tina was very excited about. They typically hangs out about 10 hours a month together. Tina says the best part of their match is, “Just getting to hang out with her.” Every time we see them at outings, they are full of smiles and seem to really enjoy their time together and we only hope they continue to share countless memories together.