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Ron came to Big Brothers Big Sisters in early 2018. Ron and his family had a strong background in fostering special needs children and missions work. When he came to BBBS, Ron stated that he felt it was important to continue to be a person who could encourage and support a child. He decided that mentoring would be the best way to continue to help children in need.

Ron has been matched with his Little Brother, Maleek, since January 2019. Since that time, Ron has become a wonderful mentor and advocate for his Little Brother. Ron has introduced Maleek to a variety of activities he would not have otherwise had the chance to experience. They have enjoyed going to the YMCA, swimming, playing basketball, going out to eat, and going to FredNats games. Ron helped to get Maleek involved in Tae Kwon Do and has taken him fishing many times.

Ron and Maleek are staples at the BBBS match activities. Ron’s calm and quiet nature is complimentary to Maleek who is animated and outgoing. Ron and Maleek have made several friends through regular attendance at these activities. Ron fosters these positive relationships by staying in contact with other Bigs and planning activities together.

Ron supports his Little Brother’s educational needs. He has helped the family find educational alternatives that better serve Maleek when the typical school setting is not the best fit. Ron has become close with not only Maleek but Maleek’s mother and grandmother. Ron most recently planned to take Maleek to a play but invited his mother when he found out she had never been to one.

Ron and Maleek truly have a bond that is visible. We love watching them interact and know they will be in each other’s lives for a very long time to come.

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