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Brooke Lomax first became involved with BBBS when she was a student intern while studying Education at the University of Mary Washington. Brooke was inspired to become a mentor because giving back to the community through volunteer work is important to her and she enjoys working with children. In addition to her time as a classroom teacher, Brooke has been a youth group leader and has worked with children affected by homelessness. Brooke came to BBBS with the expectation of being a consistent, trustworthy, responsible, and fun Big Sister to her Little Sister. Brooke felt her problem-solving skills and patience were qualities that made her a good candidate for being a mentor. Brooke was matched with her Little Sister, Mi’Kaylah, in July 2019. When they first met, they found that their personalities matched perfectly, and they have developed a close bond. They quickly discovered that they have a lot in common with each other. They enjoyed activities like playing games, hiking, getting ice cream, and attending many of the BBBS group activities. Brooke has said that she and Mi’Kaylah are truly like sisters. They know each other well and they have what Brooke describes as a judgement-free relationship. They can have fun and make memories no matter what activity they are doing together.

Brooke has been able to support Mi’Kaylah as she grows and matures. She has helped her to see how it’s important to do well in school and to set goals. She encourages Mi’Kaylah to express herself through her art. She also talks to Mi’Kaylah about her future and the paths she can take to make that future a reality. Brooke has been an integral part of the organization as a Big Sister but has also become a BBBS Board Member. As a Board Member she is able to use her passion to further the goals of not just her Little Sister but those of the entire organization. Brooke’s time and dedication to Mi'Kaylah and BBBS is very much appreciated. We will continue to celebrate this match as they have new adventures.

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