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Bigs and Littles REACHED their potential from adrenaline filled heights!

Rapp Rocks Climbing Gym generously donated an evening at their fun-filled facility, with both rope climbing and bouldering (non-rope) walls. Rapp Rocks has shown their support to us previously through donated raffle prizes and we were thrilled when they agreed to hosting our Bigs and Littles for a night! Before the big climb, we enjoyed some delicious snacks and pizza slices, donated to us by Wegmans! Our Matches needed lots of nutritious fuel for their most daring Match Activity yet.

After the energy building meal, we joined our Rapp Rocks Climbing Gym coach by the rock walls to learn the basics of rope climbing and bouldering. Our coach patiently demonstrated the proper way to climb, fall, and safely celebrate when reaching the top.

The Rapp Rocks Climbing staff gave encouraging words and cheers as our Matches summited the walls. Some Littles zoomed up the walls immediately, with little to no fear. Others had to build their bravery, with their Bigs climbing alongside them and helping them find the courage to reach for the next hold.

Congratulations both our Bigs and Littles for working together to face their fears and conquering the rock walls! We thank Rapp Rocks Climbing Gym for giving our Matches this unforgettable experience, fun memories, and new-found confidence. They ROCK at being defenders of potential!

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