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Updated: Sep 1, 2023

In June, our Bigs and Littles had a blast at the annual Day at the Marina event!

Hope Springs Marina continues to be an amazing Defender of Potential as they opened up their docks for our matches to fish and enjoy a day on the water.

The fish must have known we would be there because they were the most active they have ever been! Each Little felt the chomp at the end of their pole and caught plenty of fish. Every fish was released and had a great story to tell their fishy friends, just like our Littles now had fish stories for their friends and families.

Bigs were able to join in on the fun too, some even having the opportunity to teach their Littles how to fish for the first time!

BIG congratulations to Mi'Kaylah for catching the biggest fish and to Jaden for catching the first fish!

After the successful fishing portion of our day, Bigs and Littles enjoyed the refreshing breeze as the boat captains gave them a tour throughout Aquia Creek and the Potomac River. Some Littles experienced their first boat ride ever on this day. BIG thank you to our captains volunteering their time and boats for our Bigs and Littles special day!

As the boats returned with the Bigs and Littles full of smiles, we ate the best of summer lunches: hamburgers and hotdogs grilled by awesome volunteers!

With a new burst of energy from the delicious meal, Bigs and Littles jumped into the water for kayaking and paddleboarding.

What a fabulous day!

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