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Sharing Our Stories at Our Annual Empowering Potential Breakfast Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who accepted an invite to our Empowering Potential Breakfast event! 💚🍽🖤

We are so glad you were able to hear from our amazing speakers: Little Brother Jaden & his mother Marion, Big Sister Becky, and Little Brother Alum Angel. Each speech left a HUGE impact on all of us, causing both tears and smiles on our faces as we listened to their personal experiences with BBBS.

We want to thank the amazing speakers for sharing their powerful stories.

We also had the pleasure of honoring Berkley Mitchell with the Thomas G. Faulkner award, highlighting his support towards our mission by annually hosting Day at the Marina and giving our Bigs & Littles lasting memories together. We look forward to it every year and he always makes it so special for our Littles, especially to those who are experiencing catching a fish and riding in a boat for the first time!

Another BIG thank you goes out to Mary Washington Healthcare for sponsoring our event and to Gari Melchers Home and Studio for hosting our event in their beautiful venue. The wonderful atmosphere complimented our decor nicely, of which we have our Littles to thank as they lent us their pumpkins from our Pumpkin Painting Party for some spooky centerpieces🎃

Our supporters continue to make an impact on the potential of children with your support!

"It takes Little to be Big" and you can join our mission to ignite, empower and defend potential today by visiting our donation page!

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